Full-time teachers
Job title Name Research Expertise

Associate Professor and Chairman

Jee-Cheng Wu

Surveying and Mapping
Image Processing


Hsin Yu

Ecological Building System
Renewable Energy Innovation
Indoor Environment Quality


Hui-Mi Hsu

Structures, Concrete Materials,Spatial Information System,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Construction Industry Arbitration


Sao-Jeng Chao

Soil Liquefaction 
Reinforced Soil
Mechanics of Concrete 
Finite Element Method


An Cheng

Cement Based Materials
Durability of Concrete
Corrosion Prevention and Control


Huei-Tau Ouyang

Hydraulic analysis and computation
Real-time inundation analysis and forecast
River sediment transport computation
Submerged vane system

Associate Professor

Yang-Jye Lee

Structure Engineering, 
Earthquake Engineering, 
Computational Solid Mechanics, 
Environmental Vibration Analysis

Associate Professor

Gwo-Chyang Tsuei

Civil Engineering

Associate Professor

Kue-Hong Chen

Boundary elements, meshless method, Computational Mechanics

Associate Professor

Wei-Ting Lin

Concrete Materials, Non-cement Blended Materials, Deep Geological Repository, Geotechnical Interaction

Assistant Professor

Hao-Hsi Tseng

Construction Management
Infrastructure Asset Management

Assistant Professor

Ching-Sen Wu

computational fluid dynamics, gravity currents, hydraulic modeling, free-surface flows


Chen-Liang Huang

Civil Engineering


Chi-Ming Jiang

Technology of Concrete
Transportation Engineering

 Part-time teachers
Job title Name Research Expertise


Bharat Lohani


Associate Professor

Yet-Cheng You

Geotechnical Engineering
Soil and Water Conservation
Slope Stability Analysis and Design
Ground Modification
Highway Engineering

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