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Hsin-Yun Lee  
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PhD in Construction Management, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

Business School PhD Student, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Professional Experience

Dept. of Civil Engineering, National Ilan University, Taiwan 
Professor 2013–Present
Associate Professor 2010–2013
Assistant Professor 2007–2010

Kao Fong College, Taiwan
Dean of General Affairs 2001–2007
Lecturer, Dept. of Leisure and Management 2004–2007

Topline Management Consulting Firm
Senior Assistant of President 1999–2001




Selected Publications:

1. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2014). Long-term evolution of campus noise emissions - a case of new university development. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 57(8), 1169-1182. [SSCI] 

2. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2014). Planning work crew assignments for pedestrian area renovation to improve its impact on the public. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 20(3), 338-349. [SCI, EI]

3. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2013). Using a guiding network to determine efficient evacuation routes in a public building. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, ASCE, 19(3), 243-251. [SCI, EI]

4. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2012). A decision support system for exposition timetabling using ant colony optimization. International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 11(3), 609-626. [SCI] 

5. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Yang, I.T., Lin, Y.C. (2012). Laying out the occupant flows in public buildings for operating efficiency. Building and Environment, 51, 231-242. [SCI, EI] 

6. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Tseng, H.H. (2012). A hybrid system for facility layout by integrating simulation and ant colony optimization. Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, 6(2S), 387S-396S. [SCI] 

7. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2012). Integrating simulation and ant colony optimization to improve the service facility layout in a station. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, 26(2), 259-269. [SCI, EI] 

8. Lin, Y.C., Lee, Hsin-Yun (2012). Developing project communities of practice-based knowledge management system in construction. Automation in Construction, 22, 422-432. [SCI, EI] 

9. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2012). Renovation scheduling to minimize user impact of a building that remains in operation. Automation in Construction, 22, 398-405. [SCI, EI] 

10. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2011). An integrated model for planning development projects using ACO and construction simulation. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems, 28(4), 285-300. [SCI, EI]

11. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Tseng, H.H., Zheng, M.C., and Li, P.Y. (2010). Decision support for the maintenance management of green areas. Expert Systems with Applications, 37(6), 4479-4487. [SCI, EI] 

12. Lee, Hsin-Yun, and Lin, Y.C. (2010). A decision support model for scheduling exhibition projects in art museums. Expert Systems with Applications, 37(2), 919-925. [SCI, EI] 

13. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2009). Optimizing schedule for improving the traffic impact of work zone on roads. Automation in Construction, 18(8), 1034-1044. [SCI, EI] 

14. Lee, Hsin-Yun and Dzeng, R.J. (2009). A hybrid system for planning the development level of resort. Expert Systems with Applications, 36(3), 6266-6275. [SCI, EI] 

15. Dzeng, R.J. and Lee, Hsin-Yun (2007). Activity and value orientated decision support for the development planning of a theme park. Expert Systems with Applications, 33(4), 923-935. [SCI, EI] 

16. Dzeng, R.J. and Lee, Hsin-Yun (2007). Optimizing the development schedule of resort projects by integrating simulation and genetic algorithm. International Journal of Project Management, 25(5), 506-516. [SSCI, EI] 

17. Dzeng, R.J. and Lee, Hsin-Yun (2004). Critiquing contractors' scheduling by integrating rule-based and case-based reasoning. Automation in Construction, 13(5), 665-678. [SCI, EI]


Project management
Risk management and decision analysis
Leisure business development and management




Research Project:

1. Planning the Evacuation Routes of Public Buildings by Integrating Artificial Bee Colony and Simulation, 2014-08 ~ 2015-07, MoST.

2. Applying artificial bee colony to improve the operation efficiency of service facilities in an airport terminal, 2013-08 ~ 2014-10, MoST.

3. A Zoning and Scheduling Model for a Pedestrian Area Renovation Project. 2012-08 ~ 2013-07, NSC.

4. Renovation Scheduling to Improve User Impact of a Built Environment that Remains in Operation, 2011-08 ~ 2012-09, NSC.

5. The Study of Pedestrian and Vehicle Simulation for Construction Engineering Scheduling, 2010-09 ~ 2010-12, NIU.

6. The Study of Integrated Decision Support Model for Leisure Development Projects, 2009-08 ~ 2010-07, NSC.

7. A schedule planning model to improve the social impact of roadworks, 2008-08 ~ 2009-07, NSC.

8. The study of optimizing facility development scale of a recreational area project, 2007-08 ~ 2008-07, NSC.

9. The Study of Agricultural Tourism Based on Village Modeling, 2003-01 ~ 2003-10, Taiwan Agricultural Strategy Coalition. 



+886-3-9357400 ext 7542、7530



Post Address

Department of Civil Engineering, National Ilan University,

No. 1, Section 1, Shennong Road, I-Lan City 26047, Taiwan



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