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Postgraduate Study

Master of Science

Our postgraduate students get more opportunities for development. Here, students will participate in various researches. We have clear educational goals, and do our best to support students to construct the core competence for work.

Our researches focus on the following disciplines: Structure engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Water resource engineering, Surveying and spatial informatics, and Construction management.

Course Details
Total Credits for Graduation: 26 Credits
Mandatory Courses: 2 Credits
Master Thesis: 6 Credits


Compulsory Courses

Course Name Credits
SeminarΙ 1
SeminarII 1
SeminarIII 0
SeminarIV 0

Selective Courses

Course Name Credits
Applied Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering 3
Land Information Management I 3
Land Information Management II 3
Soil Dynamics 3
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 3
Engineering Analysis I 3
Engineering Analysis II 3
Engineering Similarity 3
Risk Management for Construction 3
Construction Finance 3
Project Management for Construction 3
Engineering and Planning Information Modeling 3
Project Practice of Infrastructure Asset Management 3
Application of Ecological Engineering Technology  3
Technology of Ecological Architecture 3
Leisure business development and management 3
Groundwater and Seepage 3
Designing with Geosynthetics  3
Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering 3
Geophysics and Geodynamics 3
Ground Improvement 3
Earthquake Engineering 3
Finite Element Analysis 3
Control and Assessment on Slope Stability Hazard 3
Rock Mechanics 3
Groundwater and Seepage 3
Sediment Transport Ⅰ 3
Sediment Transport Ⅱ 3
Physical Geodesy 3
Aerotriangulation 3
Geospatial Information Systems 3
Practice of Geospatial Information Systems 3
Sustaining Development Application of Spatial Information 3
Urban and Rural  Environmental Planning and Decision Making 3
3D Architectural Drafting Practice 3
Construction Planning and Schedule Control 3
Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
Gravity Field Approximation 3
Advanced Soil Mechanics 3
Advanced Geodesy 3
Advanced Geospatial Information Systems 3
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3
Advanced Foundation Engineering 3
Advanced Concrete Technology 3
Advanced Adjustment Computations 3
Advanced Structural Theory 3
Advanced Satellites Surveying 3
Advanced Reinforced Concrete Theory 3
Advanced Deformations Surveying 3
Science of Concrete 3
Special Topics of Urban Disaster Mitigation Planning 3
Optimum Design 3
Meshless method 3
Behavior of Hardened Concrete 3
Computer Programming and Application 3
Dynamics of Structure  3
Analytical Photogrammetry 3
Database Systems 3
Computerized Multimedia 3
Mapping from Remote Sensing Image 3
Numerical Analysis 3
Digital Photogrammetry 3
Satellite Geodesy 3
Aplication of GPS Technology 3
Navigation Positioning 3
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete 3
Specific Seminar on Prevention of Public Disaster from Construction Activities 3
Operations Research for Construction 3
Special Topics in Construction Management 3
Independent Study on Construction Management 3
Geo-environmental Engineering and  Geotechnology 3
Numerical Application of Environmental Fluid Mechanics 3
Introduction to boundary element method 3
Land use and Planning 3
Repair and Maintenance of Concrete Structure 3
A Special Topic on Advanced Concrete 3
Topographic Surveying 0
Analysis of boundary element method in Engineering 3


Degree Programs for International Student 

Degree Programs for International Student